Silver 100 Ionic Silver Complex – HALF-OFF SALE on droppers!

You can now buy Silver 100 Ionic Silver Complex droppers at HALF OFF of the normal price of $39.95!

This is an unprecedented event that very likely will never occur again.

You can buy any quantity as long as supplies last.

Any or all of the three dispensers: dropper, spray, and vertical spray.


You can order any of the three dispenser types. The discount coupon will apply ONLY to the dropper bottles in the Cart.

There are two minor considerations:

1) These discounted dropper bottles have a “Best if Used By” date of June 2023 or later.

2) These discounted dropper bottles have a red stamp on the front of the label saying NOT FOR RESALE.

Those two considerations are really non-issues, though.

The “Best if Used By” date is not an exact point in time, of course. We have sold more than half-a-million bottles of Silver 100 over a period of more than 20 years and we know from plenty of experience that the complex slowly becomes less efficient over time – meaning over years and years. We have had many people use the product years after the “Best if Used By” date and they have always reported being very happy.

As to safety, ironically the product becomes slightly safer over time as it gradually becomes slightly less efficient because a little of the silver that was in the ionic state reduces back to elemental silver (ordinary atoms, not ions), which is entirely inert. (The slight discoloration that occurs over time is very normal. It’s from this reduction of silver ions back to silver atoms – a process that’s actually called photo-reduction or photoreaction. This, again, does not decrease safety at all!)

The reason for the NOT FOR RESALE stamp is simply that we used to wholesale the product but stopped doing that about five or six years ago because it resulted in price wars on Amazon and elsewhere in what was sometimes referred to as a race to the bottom, so we stopped wholesaling or discounting ever.

The only place Silver 100 can be found now is on our website or on our own Amazon pages (we charge more on Amazon than on our website).

So, this NOT FOR RESALE stamp is simply to give us peace of mind that the bottles we’re now offering at discount in the very rare sale event won’t end up being sold online at a discount. We have to maintain the integrity of our pricing model, not only to pay the rent but to protect online affiliates who market our product.

The bottles will look like this:

Why this is occurring:

We got overstocked on dropper bottles during the worst of the COVID crisis because we couldn’t get spray caps – they were being bought up by the millions by makers of disinfectants – so we focused staff on only producing dropper bottles rather than the three dispensers we commonly have our staff producing.

Taking advantage of this sale:

Please don’t share this Coupon code on social media unless you share the link to this page in order to make it very clear that the above two considerations apply.

The Coupon code below will work until the older “Best if Used By” dates are gone. We have no idea how soon that will be. After that, the Coupon code will be inactive.

Coupon code:

To buy Silver 100 dropper bottles now at half off, go to Products > Silver 100 – All Products and order like normal, then in the Cart under “Have a Promotional Code?” enter this Coupon code to obtain the 50% discount for the Silver 100 droppers in the order with the NOT FOR RESALE stamp on the front (again, you can order any combination of dispensers, and only the dropper bottles in the order will be discounted half off and have the NOT FOR RESALE stamp):


If you have any questions about the product or have any ordering questions, don’t hesitate to call us.

– Jay

Jay Newman, CEO
Invision International Health Solutions, Inc.