Silver 100 is entirely safe

Silver 100 is absolutely, 100% safe when used as recommended on the label.

The maximum recommended daily usage amount for Silver 100 contains less silver than may be contained in one or two liters of ordinary drinker water that fully meets EPA safety guidelines. It’s less than 25% of the amount of silver that the EPA considers to be perfectly safe for ongoing daily intake.

When using Silver 100 in accordance with the directions it’s as safe as eating and drinking food and water. Silver is well known to be nontoxic to the body when extremes are avoided. The Environmental Protection Agency considers responsible levels of silver in our drinking water to be entirely, 100% safe with no adverse effects to the body whatsoever.

Silver is in our water and food

Silver is a natural mineral that’s present in most of our food and even more so in our drinking water – especially in our drinking water (unless of course it’s purified water from which the minerals have been removed).

Most of the silver that was in the average American diet and water intake a hundred years ago has been lost due to the demineralization of our soil from modern agricultural practices. The maximum recommended daily amount of Silver 100 is barely more than the amount of silver that has been lost from our diets.

Without extreme excess, there is no risk

The main concern from excess silver consumption is a harmless but irreversible skin discoloration called argyria. This condition is essentially impossible from using Silver 100 according to label directions. It would take far, far more silver for argyria to be possible.

After more than 20 years on the market, there has never been a single report of skin discoloration from using Silver 100!

As a user of Silver 100, you don’t need to refer to any of the following information. Just follow the label directions and it will be entirely safe to use for short-term needs or every day of your life as desired.

Silver Safety Pyramid

As stated above, as a user of Silver 100 you don’t need to refer to any of the following information. Just follow the label directions and it will be entirely safe to use every day of your life or for short-term needs as desired.

The creator of Silver 100, Jay Newman, takes safety very seriously and always has. He is the founder and chairman of the Silver Safety Council, whose website is The Council has developed the Silver Safety Guideline, which is based on the Silver Safety Calculation, which was also devised by Jay Newman.

The label dosing for Silver 100 already adheres to the Silver Safety Guideline and the Silver Safety Calculation. The label dosing for Silver 100 is based on pounds of body weight for maximum safety and efficiency.

The purpose of these safety guidelines is primarily for the users of other products whose label dosing may not provide maximum safety or reliably accurate guidelines for the user.

The safety guidelines are made easy to utilize in the Silver Safety Pyramid, which is a useful guideline for safe usage of any silver supplement product.

To make things even easier, there is also an Auto-Calculator that does the calculations.

The Silver Safety Pyramid and Auto-Calculator are applicable for the users of all silver products that are orally ingested. Feel free to check out the information if you want to learn more, and by all means share it with anyone you know who uses any other silver products.

The form of silver does not determine safety

The fact that the silver in Silver 100 is complexed with citrate has no bearing at all on whether it can contribute towards argyria.

Note: Some irresponsible companies have been known to make false claims about the safety of various types of silver products. Claims that some forms of silver products such as “colloidal” silver cannot lead to argyria, or that ionic silver products or silver “salts” are more likely to cause argyria, are entirely without merit. Please visit the Education & FAQ page at for the real facts.