Water-soluble silver citrate complex with potassium as the counter-ion for optimal bioavailability

Why it works so well

Silver ions are what does the work
Silver only exists in two states in the physical universe: atoms or ions. Silver atoms comprise silver metal and are entirely inert – they cannot afford the body with the benefit of any bioactive effects whatsoever. Only in the ionic state does silver exhibit its remarkably bioactive effects.

A delivery mechanism is needed
Silver ions require a deliberate delivery system in order to be introduced into the system and gradually released. Otherwise, they will tend to bind up with other substances in the mouth and gut such as chlorides and proteins, rendering them incapable of spreading through the system. This is because silver ions are silver atoms that are missing an electron (giving them a positive charge). As ions, they are attracted to anything in the system that can restore their electron balance, and the body is loaded with substances that will do that. Therefore, a delivery system is essential.

Delivery entails stabilization and then release
All silver products used internally by humans, whether called ionic silver, colloidal silver, or any other name, function by doing one thing and one thing only: releasing silver ions in the body, where they can provide any potential bioactive benefits. Opti-Silver simply does this with far more efficiency than any other product in existence.

Colloidal silver is good but is very limited
While colloidal silver can work remarkably well, it only provides a fraction of the potential that ionic silver can offer. The problem with colloidal silver is that only a small portion of the silver is ionic, and only a small portion of that is ever released in the body as bioactive ions because it’s in the form of silver oxide and/or silver hydroxide, which is far too stable to ever dissociate and yield silver ions while passing through the body before being excreted.

Silver 100 with Opti-Silver is far more efficient than all other forms of silver
Silver 100 with Opti-Silver utilizes an entirely new approach to silver ion delivery in the human body. It is designed to overcome all the limitations of colloidal silver and all other forms of silver. It utilizes a proprietary method of complexing silver ions with citrate and potassium that creates a stabilization and delivery mechanism. Silver 100 is designed to gradually decomplex, and thereby release the silver ions, only after being absorbed well into the system. It is designed to deliver virtually all of its silver as ions.

Equilibrium is the key

Chemists know that equilibrium is the key that determines how much a molecular substance or complex will remain stable and fail to interact with the immediately surrounding environment and how readily it will dissociate and indeed interact with the immediately surrounding environment. Opti-Silver entails what can be called a “hybrid” between covalent and ionic bonding, remaining intact when needed and then dissociating when needed.

This is all a function of equilibrium. The Opti-Silver complex was specifically designed for optimal equilibrium for the delivery and release of silver ions in the human body.

The chemistry is very deliberate and very well understood by a chemist.

By providing the optimal dissociation constant, Opti-Silver keeps silver citrate in a highly stabilized complex in solution in water — see the left side of the equilibrium equation above…

        …and slowly releases more and more of its silver as free silver ions (Ag+) upon exposure to the body’s chemistry — see the right side of the equilibrium equation above.

While in the bottle, Opti-Silver keeps the vast majority of its silver in a stable, complexed state (left side of the equilibrium equation) with only a very small portion available as free silver ion. Upon exposure to the body’s chemistry, Opti-Silver gradually releases its silver as free silver ions (right side of the equilibrium equation).

(Note: Don’t ask the makers of any other silver product used for internal human use – regardless of whether it’s called colloidal silver, ionic silver, nanosilver, mild silver protein, silver hydrosol, or is called any other name – about the equilibrium equation of their molecular structures. At best, they’ll say something like, “Uh, can we get back to you on that?” We don’t like to criticize the competition but this is an important field involving your health, and the fact is that nobody else in the entire field to our knowledge has a fraction of the real chemistry, real information or real performance that we provide to you.)

Far superior manufacturing process

Most other forms of silver, whether called colloidal silver, silver hydrosol, mild silver protein, and so on, are made through a process called electrolysis, which consists of putting two metal rods in water with the ends sticking out, clipping wires to them and running electricity across them, and allowing the silver rod to deteriorate into the water. The process was created more than a hundred years ago, before we had an understanding of modern chemistry or even of how colloidal silver works.

Opti-Silver is made by utilizing a complete understanding of modern chemistry. The ingredients are all reagent grade chemical powders, of which the exact molecular make-ups are fully understood. The manufacturing process entails a very deliberate process.

Silver 100 is made through an entirely different process than is colloidal silver, using no electrolysis. It is extremely consistent from drop to drop, has virtually no impurities whatsoever, and has years of shelf life under normal conditions.

We start with citric acid and tri-potassium citrate. We mix them in ultra-pure in such a way that we remove one citrate from the tri-potassium citrate and combine it with the citric acid to create dibasic citrate with potassium. We then mix in silver oxide (Ag2O) and remove the silver ion from it, which we marry to the dibasic citrate. This results in the Opti-Silver™ formulation that consists of silver citrate (predominantly dibasic citrate with a little monobasic citrate silver and a little tribasic citrate silver) with potassium as the counter-ion.

Product Information Sheet

To see more details on the chemistry, equilibrium equation, and the way Silver 100 with Opti-Silver carries silver ions into the body and then releases them, see the Product Information Sheet.