This page is being presented on the Silver 100 website as a courtesy of Invision International Health Solutions, Inc. to Argentech, Inc. to assist Argentech in raising investment capital since Argentech will soon be purchasing the assets from Invision with a common Asset Purchase Agreement. If you want to go to the Silver 100 website home page and menu section, click here.


July 7, 2023 is not currently an active website.

Potential investors and others should contact me for the new link and password to the relevant information.

(Why this occurred: The hosting company we were using for abruptly had to shut down operations after 25 years in business, and only gave site owners two weeks’ notice. Since the site has only been used for investment information to date, that information is now on a private page on A new Argentech website will be going live on the new server soon. Meanwhile, just contact me for the link and password for information about investing in Argentech.)

– Jay Newman