Real chemistry.
Real performance.

The most efficient ionic silver on the market, which is why it seems to be the most expensive while actually being the most economical!

The Quantum Leap in Efficiently Delivering Silver Ions to the Body

Controlled Release for Optimal Bioavailability

  • Optimized delivery: Opti-Silver is the essential key that provides the all-important carrying and controlled releasing of silver ions to the body, in a water-soluble silver citrate complex

  • Complex in solution has no particles: Delivers silver ions less than 0.3 nanometer in size, literally the size of individual silver atoms — in fact, it consists of molecules in solution in water (and in the blood) and it has no particles at all

  • Economical 100-ppm formula: One bottle contains as much silver as ten bottles of 10-ppm silver, so you pay far less per mcg, and the efficient delivery means you can use far fewer mcg — you use just 1 drop per 10 lbs or 1 spray per 30 lbs of body weight

  • 100% safe: When used as directed, you actually consume less silver than you may already be consuming with your ordinary daily drinking water — but delivered as powerful bioactive ions

Opti-Silver, the key ingredient in Silver 100, is the result of 10 years and a million dollars in research and development.

State of the Art

Silver 100 Ionic Silver Complex with Opti-Silver is the state-of-the-art technology for delivering silver ions to the body. It is designed to surpass all other forms of silver in performance and efficiency.

With more than twenty years on the market, it has gained a reputation for being the leading-edge product in the field.

Jay Newman, the President of Invision International Health Solutions and creator of Opti-Silver, has been interviewed on such shows as Good Morning America and NBC TV news as the leading expert in the industry. He has dedicated a good portion of his life to providing truly remarkable health results for you and your loved ones.

What all this means to you is that you get far superior chemistry and performance.

Because of the far superior efficiency, you get far better results while using far less. The fact that it’s more economical to use than any other silver product is just a bonus!

“Drop per drop, dollar per dollar, and microgram of silver per microgram of silver, the Opti-Silver chemistry is at least a few hundred times more efficient for delivering bioavailable silver ions to the body than any other form of silver I’ve seen. The technology is ingenious and unprecedented.”

– Donald Baird, Ph.D., former director of the Department of Chemistry, Florida Atlantic University

“The Opti-Silver complex is far more advanced for achieving the desired results than anything else I’ve seen or anything that I can even imagine. It provides for optimal efficiency.”

– Roger Leblanc, Ph.D., former director of the Departments of Chemistry and Advanced Microscopy, University of Miami

VIDEO: Understanding colloidal silver, ionic silver, and Opti-Silver

Learn once and for all what’s what about colloidal silver, ionic silver, and Opti-Silver.

Understand what parts per million, particle size, safety and all the rest is really about. This video explains it all. It’s so clear and informative that the chemist will find it fascinating while the layperson will find it simple enough to easily understand.

If you want sound-bite, hocus-pocus, feel-good nonsense marketing hype, heaven knows you can find that elsewhere. Here we explain things in an authoritative and serious manner. Isn’t your health and that of your loved ones worth a little time so you can make informed decisions? We promise you’ll be glad you watched this.

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